The idea of using performance enhancing drugs can be traced back to Ancient Greece. It is believed that ancient Olympic champions were professionals who had their eyes fixed on the cash prizes and olive wreaths thus they would turn to forms of “cheating” became the norm. There is evidence that they would gorge on meat which is not a normal dietary staple for the Greeks. They also experimented with herbal medications to enhance their performance. There are some evidences that point to some of them drinking wine potions, using hallucinogens, and eating animal hearts or testicles for potency. https://anabolicmenu.ws/products/global-anabolic-anadrol-50/
The earliest form of anabolic steroids can be traced back to the early 1930s and the term steroid was not even used then. A scientist created a synthetic form of testosterone which helped in the treatment of men who were unable to produce the right amount of hormone for normal growth, sexual functioning, and development. When World War II broke, the artificial testosterone was found to help in nourishing soldiers who lost weight in battle. After that, the substance was eventually used to enhance their performance in competitions.
The controversy of using anabolic steroids for sale usa started in 1956 during the Olympics when Soviet athletes, especially the wrestlers, would perform exceptionally high levels. When it was found that the athletes were using testosterone, Dr. Zeigler, an American physician created a more selective form of what became anabolic steroid.
Despite all of the controversies some people associate with anabolic steroids, there is no denying that there are a lot of people who have benefited from them. You can get organon sustanon 250 for an improved overall look.
Timeline of history of anabolic steroids